"Magical Maiden" by Cillyart

"Magical Maiden" by Cillyart
"Magical Maiden and A Troubador/Minstrel" by Cillyart/CMB

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

If YOU missed our official TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach book launch...check out our ONLINE BOOK LAUNCH today~

Meet one of the many magical mermaids that swam by to say "Hi!" at Saturday's book launch for the children's book, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach:



Our official book launch for the new children's chapter book/mid-grade novel, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach happened on May 23rd at BOOKMANS was a crazy bit of fun as we enjoyed a brief peek into this magical adventure & enjoyed family & friends that came out to support us! Check it out on our website:  



Still celebrating with our ONLINE "TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach" BOOK LAUNCH Event right now...but its ending on Saturday at 11:59 PM, so check it out on our Events page below:  


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach BOOK LAUNCH EVENTS have begun! Check this out below!

I just emailed the PDF file of coloring pages promised to the young families that signed up for this perk last Saturday at our SNEAK PEEK into the new children's chapter book, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach in north Phoenix!

Please join us at our OFFICIAL BOOK LAUNCH of the TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach
this coming Saturday, May 23rd from 2:00-4:00 PM at the BOOKMANS in Mesa, AZ! Come learn a bit about my new book and enjoy this event with your family!  

For more details, go to: 


Hope to see you and yours there!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

TWIN TAILS Children's BOOK LAUNCH EVENTS in May 2015...Check it out & Join in!

Okay...here it is! Our newest children's chapter book, TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach, has 3 Book Launch Events:

1- SNEAK PEEK Event on May 16th in Phoenix, AZ!

2- Official BOOK LAUNCH Party on May 23rd in Mesa, AZ!

3- Online BOOK LAUNCH Week, May 23 - May 30, 2015!

Get the DETAILS on the below links...and JOIN with us for the beginning of our TWIN TAILS Series of Magical Adventures for children, families and others passionate about children's books!



Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach "What's Our Secret?" Contest just ended...

Our TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach children's contest results are in! Too few entries, but we've got some winners & are sharing prizes! Check the results on our website: