"Magical Maiden" by Cillyart

"Magical Maiden" by Cillyart
"Magical Maiden and A Troubador/Minstrel" by Cillyart/CMB

Monday, July 21, 2014

TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach negotiations with a publisher...and TWIN TAILS Book 2 is being written!

Welcome to a new week! I've been busy all day today with so much going on, but not with a chance to write or sketch yet! I will be going into my husband's new classroom everyday this week to help him organize, set-up and do his bulletin boards...but I will be sure to drag along my dino-laptop and my sketch pad for moments I can snatch to satisfy my own creative urges in creating TWIN TAILS Book Two!!!

Negotiations for the publication of TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach are in process and I am certainly hoping for a positively successful outcome for all involved!  Stay tuned!!!

A happy, safe and successful week to you all!!!

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