"Magical Maiden" by Cillyart

"Magical Maiden" by Cillyart
"Magical Maiden and A Troubador/Minstrel" by Cillyart/CMB

Thursday, July 17, 2014

TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach publishing update...and writing of TWIN TAILS (book two) has begun!

I got the opportunity to spend time with my daughter and my almost 3 year old grandson this morning...and had so much fun! Have you ever played with kinetic sand? It is cool stuff...especially playing in it with those two darlings of ours!

Home again and back to work this evening! While I wait through the negotiations process in publishing the TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach (Book One), I am now writing chapter 3 of TWIN TAILS' Book Two! Busy visualizing in my mind the many illustrations I can create as I write! Love it!!! :o)

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